The Montevideo School Board met on Monday night at 6pm in the district board room at the Middle School. The meeting opened with a presentation by Bob Grey on the Community Education Annual Report. According to the report, the Little Thunderhawks daycare program at Sanford lost several thousand dollars in 2018 due to additional state training requirements.

The board also reviewed 2019 district budget and levy information. 

Superintendent Dr. Luther Heller: As we look to the coming year, the levy for our general fund is going up about 4%, the levy on our debt service fund is dropping down about 12% – that’s primarily because we did some refinancing this past year – and, overall, our 18-payable-19 levy is going to be about 1.84% lower than last year’s levy.

The meeting concluded with a recognition of outgoing two-term board member Steve Kubista.