According to the Montevideo Police Department, there have been eight reported burglaries or attempted burglaries in Montevideo over the past week. Short descriptions of the incidents are available below. Anyone who has been a victim of a recent theft or burglary is encouraged to contact the Montevideo Police Department at 320-269-9402. The Department is also seeking information on possible suspects involved in these incidents.

12/20/18 Garage burglary: items noted missing are firearms and power tools with current est. value of $3680

12/21/18 Garage burglary: victim reported locking his garage the evening before and the next morning noticing 2 ice fishing jackets missing with combined value of $400

12/22/18 Garage burglary: Christmas presents stolen from 1400 block Sheridan Ave. Est. $1695 in items taken.

12/22/18 Attempted garage burglary: 1400 block Sheridan reported garage door open and items knocked over near the door, nothing noted as stolen as of this date.

12/23/18 Attempted garage burglary: 800 block Lincoln, victim reported garage door tampered with.

12/24/18  Garage burglary: 300 block N 6th st.  Garage was broken into with golf clubs stolen. Est. value $300

12/24/18 Residential burglary: Orchard Circle, report of several hundred to thousands of dollars in christmas presents and other items taken from house.

12/26/18 Theft of items from vehicle: 400 block, South 12th St, items included iPad and other possible items.