The Montevideo Police Civil Service Commission last night accepted the resignation of Police Chief Adam Christopher, effective January 15.

An 18-year-old woman from Boyd was granted a temporary restraining order against Christopher in November. The woman alleges that Christopher sent her hundreds of texts, some of a sexual nature. The exchange allegedly began when she was 17, and became sexual after she turned 18.

Following the vote, a family member of the alleged victim inquired as to the status of the City’s internal investigation into Christopher’s behavior. City Attorney Janice Nelson stated that the internal employment investigation had ended with the resignation, but that the criminal investigation had been referred to another county for a second opinion.

The Chippewa County Attorney’s Office had determined last month that no charges were warranted against Christopher. Nelson did not provide details as to who was reviewing that decision, or a timeline for the review.

The Commission then appointed Captain Ken Schule as Interim Police Chief.

Christopher will appear in Stevens County District Court in Morris on February 26.