The Montevideo City Council met on Monday night at 7pm at City Hall. New council members Daniel Sanborn and Steve Sulflow, re-elected council member Bryce Curtiss, and Mayor Jim Curtiss took their oaths of office at the beginning of the meeting. Nathan Schmidt was elected Council President.

During the public hearing, two community members expressed concern over what they perceived to be a lack of transparency regarding the city’s handling of recent allegations against Police Chief Adam Christopher. Earlier on Monday evening, the Police Civil Service Commission had accepted Christopher’s resignation, effective January 15. The city’s internal investigation into Christopher’s behavior was discontinued with his resignation.

An 18-year-old woman from Boyd was granted a temporary restraining order against Christopher in November. The woman alleges that Christopher sent her hundreds of texts, some of a sexual nature. The exchange allegedly began when she was 17, and became sexual after she turned 18.

The Chippewa County Attorney’s Office determined last month that no charges were warranted against Christopher. City Attorney Janice Nelson stated on Monday that the criminal investigation had been referred to another county for a second opinion.

The council also adopted a request for proposals for City Manager recruitment services. Former City Manager Steve Jones resigned in December, and former Assistant City Manager Angie Steinbach began her new position as Yellow Medicine County Administrator on Monday. The process to fill those vacancies is expected to take months. Richard Almich of Le Sueur is currently serving as interim City Manager.