Former Chippewa County Attorney David Gilbertson requested before his retirement that the Renville County Attorney’s Office make an independent review of the facts in connection with a complaint received by the City of Montevideo against Police Chief Adam Christopher. Gilbertson determined in December that no criminal charges were warranted against Christopher. The Renville County Attorney’s Office has now reached the same conclusion.

In a letter dated January 9, Renville County Attorney David Torgelson stated: “I have reviewed the reports, statement transcripts and social media messages concerning the above-referenced matter and am in agreement with (now former) Chippewa County Attorney David Gilbertson that there is not a basis for criminal charges against Adam Christopher here. I offer no opinion on the subject of whether the issuance of a Harassment Restraining Order is appropriate.”

“To cite some specific statutes that might otherwise be applicable that turned out not to be applicable here: MN Statute 609.352 on Solicitation of Children and communication of sexually explicit material to children would not be applicable as the more ‘sexually charged’ communications of Mr. Christopher to [alleged victim] did not occur until [alleged victim] had reached the age of 18. Obscene or Harassing telephone calls statute (609.79) does not apply as even if a smart phone was used to transmit the social media messages they were not ‘calls’ per se and [alleged victim] did not tell Adam Christopher to stop sending the messages until she finally blocked communications from him. In summary while the social media messages here may have been inappropriate I can find no criminal statutes that were violated by the conduct.”

On Monday evening, the Montevideo Police Civil Service Commission accepted Christopher’s resignation, effective January 15. An 18-year-old woman from Boyd was granted a temporary restraining order against Christopher in November. The woman alleges that Christopher sent her hundreds of texts, some of a sexual nature. The exchange allegedly began when she was 17, and became sexual after she turned 18.

Christopher has challenged the Harassment Restraining Order. He will appear in Stevens County District Court in Morris on February 26.