Heavy snowfall this week in the KDMA KMGM listening area has sparked memories for some listeners of more extreme blizzards in years past. Muriel Anderson, formerly of Granite Falls, recently uncovered some photos taken by her father, Howard Knutson, during a blizzard in late winter,1965. The photos depict a Great Northern train nearly buried by snow.

Granite Falls resident Mary Kelly remembers the blizzard well. “I was a senior in high school in 1965,” said Kelly, “What I remember the most was all the days of school we missed that year due to blizzards. Three of my friends and I would manage to get together at one of the girl’s house and play cards. Her house was within walking distance of all of us so we would meet there. We thought it was great to not have school!”

Thanks to Muriel Andersen for sharing these photos with us! If you have old photos you’d like to share, send them to news@kdmanews.com.