Montevideo City officials are meeting today to prepare for potential flooding as the snow melts. 

“We do have sandbags on hand, we do have a sandbag machine from the state,” said Mayor Jim Curtiss. “We feel good. We’re just bringing everybody up to speed again.”

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service issued a Flood Watch covering the entire KDMA KMGM listening area, which runs through Thursday evening. A previous NWS advisory forecast an above average chance of spring flooding across western Minnesota.

The City of Montevideo is continuing to seek funds to complete Phase 3 of the levy project. “We were hoping to finish it this year, but I think we’ll have enough funding to finish it next year,” said Curtiss.

The Stage 3 work includes raising the 1969 levee both north and south of Highway 212, raising River Road SW, and construction of a railroad closure where the tracks cross Highway 29.