The YME School Board met in a special work session on Tuesday to discussed proposed district budget cuts. Superintendent Rich Schneider says that – unless significant cuts are made – the district next year will a projected budget deficit of over $700,000. Enrollment is also expected to continue to decline.

At the YME School Board meeting last week, Schneider outlined a proposal which would include $148,000 in cuts from the middle school and high school, and $215,000 from the elementary school. A number of activities would lose funding as well.

“Our priority is the quality of education we provide for our students,” said Schneider, “We want to be fiscally responsible. We’d love to be able to do more. We have to be responsible, looking forward, and not overspending, and getting ourselves into worse problems than we’re in now. Our focus is on educating all students the best we can with what we have for resources.”

Discussion of the proposed cuts will continue at a special meeting of the School Board next Monday, March 25 at 6pm.