Submitted 3/26 1:19pm – Details subject to change

On March 26 at approximately 4:53am, Chippewa County Dispatch received a call about the bridge on County Road 9 being under. The issue is due to a major ice jam. The bridge, which is over the Chippewa River diversion channel, is just north of the intersection of County Road 13 and County Road 9 in Tunsberg Township. County Road 9 will be closed (at the bridge) Tuesday, until further notice.

Also, water has been reported on the fog line at Lac Qui Parle County Road 33 on the west side of Churchill Dam. The counties are working on potentially closing County Road 13 today at Churchill Dam.

Chippewa County townships are doing a great job of closing/barricading off their flooded township roads. Ice jams, air temperature, and the flow of water are creating sudden changes along drainage channels near roadways. This is creating an evolving landscape that is difficult to predict. Please report a flooded roadway that is unmarked to the appropriate township or Sheriff’s Office.

Reminder: Avoid flood waters at all times. It is NEVER safe to drive or walk through flood waters. Six inches of water can knock you off your feet. Twelve inches of water can carry away a small car.