At a special meeting on Monday morning, the Montevideo City Council approved a resolution declaring a state of emergency ahead of major flooding expected this week. Council President Nathan Schmidt says the resolution could allow for flood-related expenses to be reimbursed by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Schmidt said the action was largely a formality, and assures residents that there is no need to panic.

“We don’t need volunteers at this time,” said Schmidt, “We’re going to possibly utilize some high school kids to reach our goal for sandbags.”

The National Weather Service is now forecasting major flooding for the Minnesota River at Montevideo. Flood stage is 14 feet. At 2am Monday, the stage was 15.1 feet. The river is forecast to rise to 21.5 feet by Saturday evening. During the major flood of 1997, the river reached nearly 24.5 feet.

According to the Montevideo Police Department, the following actions will take place as the waters rise:

  • At 18 – 18.5 feet, the sanitary sewer in Smith Addition will be shut down. At some point, the gas and electric companies may pull meters as well.
  • Town Road, Chippewa Street, and Forest Avenue may have water access issues by Friday, and other streets in Smith Addition may begin to have issues as well.
  • River Road will be closed this weekend.
  • The City of Montevideo has some sandbags available for private use. For questions on sandbags, call Aaron at 320-262-0252. With any other questions, call City Hall at 320-269-6575.