Montevideo Mayor Jim Curtiss was optimistic on Monday afternoon when asked how the city was faring the floods.

“We’re through the emergency,” said Curtiss. “The fire department sandbagged and put two feet of clay on the 69′ levy. We used the school kids as volunteers one day and they did a fantastic job. Between that and the city crew, we got through it.”

According to Chippewa County Sheriff Derek Olson, access to Smith Addition via County Road 15 was reopened on Monday. Highway 212 between Montevideo and Granite Falls is expected to remain closed for the remainder of the week. “Water would have to go down another 8 inches to a foot before 212 would open back up,” said Olson.

The Minnesota River at Montevideo was observed at 20.2 feet on Tuesday morning. In the absence of major rainfall, it is forecast to drop to 19 feet by Friday evening.