Montevideo Public School is expanding its 1-to-1 technology initiative. Every student grades 1 through 12 will now be provided with a Google Chromebook. 

“We have had 1-to-1 for students [grades] 6 through 12 – this is our third year doing that,” said Chief Technology Officer Scott Ripley. “That’s all been made possible by the technology referendum that voters approved about six years ago. We’re expanding the program now all the way down to 1st grade.”

Ripley says it is rare for a district of Montevideo’s size to offer 1-to-1 for students grades 1 through 12. “I’ve collected a fair amount of data from this part of the state, and we will be the largest school district to provide 1-to-1 all the way down to 1st grade,” said Ripley, “In fact, there’s only three schools in this part of the state that offer 1-to-1 down to 1st grade and they’re all far smaller than Montevideo.”