Chancellor Rosio Machado Alberttis from the Uruguayan Consulate office in Chicago and her husband Daniel Chucarro will be in attendance as special dignitaries for the Fiesta Days Uruguayan Asado and Thank You Ceremony for the Jose Artigas Statue to be held on Saturday June 15, 2019 at Smith Park and at Artigas Plaza on Main Street Montevideo. Along with the Chancellor, several other Uruguayans from the Twin Cities and beyond are expected to attend the event along with members of the Minnesota Uruguay Partners of the Americas chapter.

The Uruguayan Asado is an event held on and off for the past decade where grass fed beef, lamb and special Uruguayan-style sausages are cooked over an open fire for the community to sample in exchange for a free will offering to pay for the meat. The meat samples will be available between 1:30 and 4 p.m. at the Smith Park Picnic shelter in Montevideo. Participants are asked to bring a dish to share,along with a beverage and a lawn chair. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about Uruguayan culture, Montevideo’s sister city relationship and to meet with Chancellor Alberttis.

At 4:30 p.m. the party will move to Artigas Plaza on Main Street Montevideo where a short “Thank You” ceremony will be held to acknowledge that fact that Uruguayan school children donated their pennies and farmers donated scrap metal to make the statue of Jose Artigas that stands in the heart of Montevideo’s downtown. It was 70 years ago, in 1949, that the famous statue was installed and dedicated.

For more information about the Asado or the Thank You Ceremony, please contact Patrick Moore 320-841-1487