The Montevideo City Council on Monday night approved adoption of a new ordinance amending the definition of a child daycare facility and permitting the operation of such facilities in all zones. The ordinance will allow Montevideo businesses to provide on-site daycare services for children of employees.

The ordinance was recommended by the Montevideo Planning Commission. A staff report submitted in June concluded: “A change in circumstances within the city is evident in that there continues to be a serious daycare crisis within the community, country, and region. Therefore, the city is taking steps to be proactive with this issue. The trend in daycare is for employers to provide on-site facilities for their employees, and the Comprehensive Plan’s Guiding Principles include several statements to support this trend.”

The Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital has plans to open an on-site daycare for children of employees. It will be located in the EMS training center, which currently functions as a conference room. The facility is expected to be up and running by the end of 2019.