Highway 67 southeast of Granite Falls between the Upper Sioux Agency State Park entrance and 600th Street will remain closed into 2020, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The road has been closed since April due to an expanding fault line. Portions of the roadway have shifted, causing several significant drops in the driving lane.

Since the closure, MnDOT has implemented an investigation plan and has been using instrumentation to measure the depth of movement below ground. Groundwater depth and saturation levels are also being monitored. The embankment has moved at a consistent rate, approximately one inch per day at the main pavement crack. There is significant movement at 50 feet beneath the road surface.

Additional monitoring and slope stability modeling is needed before MnDOT can consider slope stabilization options and a feasibility study for reopening the road. Traffic will continue to be routed on Highway 23, Highway 274, and County Road 18 until further notice.

Find photos, more information and updates about the Highway 67 road closure at www.mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy67statepark.