The Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital today unveiled a new website, new branding, and a new name: CCM Health. CEO Brian Lovdahl says the name change reflects the organization’s growing commitment to all aspects of physical, social, and mental health.

“We aren’t just a hospital,” said Lovdahl, “We provide a full spectrum of health care services. CCM Health is a way to recognize where we’ve come from, but also recognize where we’re going – and that is taking a holistic approach to health care for our community.”

In the podcast below, we chat with Lovdahl about his aspirations for CCM Health and it’s future role in our community. We also discuss the new community garden and wellness center initiatives.

A few takeaways:

  • Several new employees will be joining the organization this fall, including a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a physician, and two advanced practice providers. “It looks like we’ll be fully staffed with providers by the end of the year, which is a huge accomplishment in rural America,” said Lovdahl.
  • Starting this fall, CCM Health will offer expanded hours at outreach clinics in Clarkfield, Clara City, and Milan.
  • CCM Health will be switching to a new electronic record-keeping software this fall. Longer wait times and registration glitches are possible throughout October.
  • The public is invited to visit the new community garden located behind the ambulance garage on Ashmore Avenue. The space includes 450 perennial fruit bushes, 12 fruit trees, and a small vegetable garden. Planned future additions include asparagus and rhubarb patches, a small playground, seating, and raised garden beds for community members.
  • Work has begun on the CCM Wellness Center, located in the old Coborn’s building along Highway 7 in Montevideo. The facility is expected to open in February of 2020.