The Minnesota Department of Transportation Highway 40 Milan Bridge project is running four weeks behind schedule due to site conditions. The project was delayed three weeks due to high water from heavy snow melt and rainfall and an additional week because the piling for pier and abutment support required a level that was deeper than originally anticipated.

The new bridge is now scheduled to open to traffic October 28, 2019, and the revised project completion date is December 14, 2019. The contractor is reviewing the schedule and assessing its workload to complete the project. While MnDOT awards and administers construction projects, contractors from the private sector bid to construct projects and fulfill the contracts. MnDOT has state inspectors on site ensuring the quality of work and tracking the progress. MnDOT contracts have language and measures in place to hold the contractor accountable for quality and timely completion of the work.

“We will know in approximately three weeks if the project will be completed this year,” said Al Setrum, construction supervisor. “Everything would have to line up perfectly, including the weather. We’re working with the contractor to do all we can to get the bridge completed this year and will let everyone know the project’s status in early October.”

The project includes the replacement of the bridge on Highway 40 that crosses Lac qui Parle Lake, known as the Milan Bridge, which is located three miles west of Milan. The project also includes pedestrian access improvements. Historical elements will be incorporated into the new bridge through the use of iron railing on both sides of the bridge. Stonework will be hand placed to closely match the original construction done by the Works Progress Administration in 1939.