(Benson MN-) Swift County is currently under burning restrictions. Due to the given pandemic situation, the State DNR Forestry had to alter their wildfire response and placing burning restrictions on the county is an attempt to cut down potential ignition sources.

Swift County has suspended all burn permits for piled materials until further notice.

CRP burns may be allowed. Contact your appropriate Fire Chief prior to burning.

Swift County has had several requests to burn corn stalks. We understand our livelihood is agriculture minded. We also understand simply waiting for the restrictions to be lifted will put you behind getting the crops in the fields.

Swift County will allow burning of corn stalks under these conditions:

1. Make sure that your burning permit is current for 2020. If not, call the Sheriff’s Office at 320-843-3133 and we will renew your permit for this year.

2. Notify dispatcher of the location of the burn and when you intend on burning.

3. Prior to burn, border your field to the best of your ability to prevent the spread of the fire to other’s property.

4. Contact the appropriate Fire Chief of where and when you are burning.

5. You are required to stay with the controlled burn until fire is out.

If you have additional questions, feel free to your appropriate Fire Chief.