(Montevideo, MN) The Millenium Theater in Montevideo will be open this weekend, weather permitting. They are planning on showing two feature films on a 24 by 11 foot outdoor screen.

Owners Erich and Jayme Winter say they will be allowing a maximum of 60 vehicles per night, with a open parking space between each car to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

They will not be allowing chairs outside of vehicles nor will they be offering the full list of concession items for the first weekend of showings.

The first feature will be Shrek, rated PG, at around 9:15. The second feature will be Back to The Future, rated PG, at 11:00pm. The theater plans on being open on both Friday and Saturday nights. For more information, visit the Millenium Theater’s Facebook page.

As of Thursday afternoon, there is a 50% chance of rain on Friday night, and a very slim chance of more rain Saturday night. Low temps are expected to be right around 60 degrees both nights.