Sacred Heart Ballpark, home of the Sacred Heart Saints.

(Granite Falls, MN) — It’s America’s Favorite Pastime and fans around the country were disappointed to find out that the 2020 MLB season would be postponed until further notice. The pandemic has been a gigantic thorn in the side of the NHL, NFL, MLS, and even NASCAR. Stadiums around the country, normally teeming with fans right now, are empty and rural Minnesota ballparks are in the same boat.

In small town Minnesota, amateur baseball is a big deal. Families flock to local ball parks to watch their favorite teams while they eat hotdogs and sip on icy beverages to help cool off during these hot July and August days. Most people had already given up on the idea of sitting in the bleachers this year, listening to the crack of the bats and the cheering crowds.

Finally, we got some good news.

Town team baseball would be back, with social distancing measures in place, and our favorite local teams would soon be rounding the bases at their respective ballparks. 

The Sacred Heart Saints kicked off their 2020 season on June 14th and will play 6 games in July, not counting the playoffs. Their July Home schedule is:

Jul 10  7:30:PM * Vs Raymond Rockets at Sacred Heart    
Jul 15  7:30:PM * Vs Willmar Rails at Sacred Heart    
Jul 17  6:30:PM * Vs Granite Falls Kilowatts at Sacred Heart    
Jul 19  5:00:PM * Vs Bird Island Bullfrogs at Sacred Heart


The Granite Falls Kilowatts began their 2020 season back on June 19th, and they will take on 7 teams in the month of July. Their July Home Games at Richter Field are:

Jul 08  7:30:PM * Vs Wabasso Jaxx at Richter Field, GF    
Jul 15  7:30:PM * Vs Raymond Rockets at Richter Field, GF
Jul 22  7:30:PM * Vs Marshall A’s at Richter Field, GF    
Jul 26  5:00:PM * Vs Milroy Yankees at Richter Field, GF


The pandemic year isn’t exactly what we were hoping for, but at least we can experience somewhat of a normal summer, and hear those small-town umpires yell the phrase that every baseball fan likes to hear: “Let’s Play Ball!!”.