The $3,000,000 facility has 35,000 sq. ft. of total space, 19,000 of that for workout space alone.


(Montevideo, MN) — Have you put on a few extra pounds during the pandemic? You certainly aren’t alone. Many people have added a few inches to the waistline from being confined to their homes over the past few months. Most would say that Minnesotans are more well suited to staying indoors for long periods of time. That’s probably due to the harsh winters that we have become accustomed to dealing with every year.

During those long winters, what do we Minnesotans do to help us cope with those below zero days? We eat comfort food. Our state has some of the best recipes to help us feel better about not being able to go anywhere. They might be really DELICIOUS, but the main problem is that most of those recipes are high-calorie and loaded with saturated fats. A diet of nothing but Grandman’s Tater Tot Hotdish isn’t the best way to look good at the beach. The good news is that a new fitness facility in our area has just what you need to help drop those unwanted pounds.

The all-new CCM Wellness Center in Montevideo has officially opened its doors to its members and the general public.

The state-of-the-art health and wellness facility, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, features approximately 16,000 square feet of hospital office space, a conference area, a Kids Zone Indoor Playground, as well as an additional 19,000 square feet of workout space that includes a basketball court, racquetball court, free weights, machines, a walking and running track, and more.

CEO Brian Lovdahl says that even with the current social distancing guidelines, they can still accommodate nearly 100 patrons which is 25% of the total capacity of the facility.

There are several affordable membership packages available, as well as the option to purchase daily passes. The facility also offers child care services for parents looking to have someone watch their child as they work out. The center will offer exercise classes tailored to the individual as well as group exercise classes including yoga, spinning, etc..

CCM Health worked with 20 local vendors for the project, spending $1.48 million dollars with local business. The total budget for the building was approximately $3.4 million dollars.

If you would like to join or if you have questions, go to: or call: (320) 321-7900