Creative Minnesota, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, and seven Alexandria-based arts and civic organizations released a study this week showing the arts have a large impact on the City of Alexandria. The Alexandria study is one of eight local studies that Creative Minnesota will release in 2020.

The study found that the combined economic impact of nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences in Alexandria is $3.1 million annually. This includes $1.7 million spent by nonprofit arts organizations, and $1.5 million spent by their nearly 90,000 attendees, over 7,000 of whom were K-12 students experiencing the arts annually.

The direct spending of artists in their communities in Douglas County on things such as art supplies and studio rental is $2.2 million annually. Sixteen nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Alexandria provided arts and culture activities, with performing arts being the most common.

There are over 561 artists and creative workers in Douglas County, defined as people who make their living wholly or in part by working in 41 defined creative occupations. The most common creative worker jobs in the county are in photography, music and writing. The average hourly wage for creative workers in Douglas County is $20.48, which is slightly above the average worker wage of $19.45. Douglas County has a higher density of artists and creative workers in its workforce than would be expected, with creative worker density at 30.52 creative jobs per 1,000 overall jobs.