SFC Global Supply Chain in Marshall is receiving an $18,000 state grant to provide dual-training programs for employees.

That’s according to State Representative Chris Swedzinski who said, “Programs such as this are important to help our workers meet workforce demands as they evolve,” Swedzinski said. “It is good to see a local operation land this grant and provide opportunities for workers in the area to grow in their field of expertise and enhance their careers.”

SFC Global Supply Chain is a manufacturing cooperative that coordinates the Schwan’s Company’s production processes and helps develop new products. A joint news release from the Office of Higher Education and the Department of Labor and Industry indicates the Dual Training Grant will provide the opportunity for employees to “advance their careers and gain on-the-job-training and industry-recognized credentials in the advanced manufacturing field.”

 According to the release that came out yesterday, the state partners with training providers for the dual-training program, and that employers contribute substantially to the development of their employees by providing on-the-job training and supporting them through education programs at the training providers.