Montevideo School Superintendent Dr. Luther Heller recently unveiled the adopted base learning model for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Grades K-3 will start in-person on the 31st of August,” Heller explained. “Grades 4-7 will be in a hybrid model and they’ll have half of students coming in on Monday and Wednesday, half of the students coming in on Tuesday and Thursday. And then Fridays will be available for students that need more help, that need to be able to have some intervention time with them.”

The high school Grades 8-12 will use a hybrid model, with one fourth of the students coming each day and Fridays being set aside for extra help and interventions to “keep everyone up to speed” and on track to avoid the lapses of Distance Learning that were seen in the spring.

This model will be in effect until the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the county dictates a change. Full details of the learning model will be posted online this week.